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research on projects in process:
research on project:      "preparing a controlled apocalypse"  (art installation 2022 - under construction)
>> DIY-developed 3D-scanning device. To be mounted on the Arola vehicle
schets Arola_scanner dak_edited.png
>> DIY-developed 3D-scanning vehicle. (cfr google-maps vehicle/ Arola base
schets Arola_auto_edited.jpg
>> installation (in progress) 3D-scanning vehicle/ scanned earth shells on pedestal 3D-printed/bronze galvanized (mold)
controlled apocalypse volledige installatie._edited.jpg
research on project:      "A letter in your writing doesn't mean you're not dead" (art installation 2021- completed)
>> development of the art installation -representation of the dissected body (see projects > "A letter in your writing doesn't mean you're not dead). 
schets installation the letter_edited.jpg
research on project:      "The Butterfly collector" (art installation 2022 - under construction)
schets butterfly collector01_edited.jpg
>> installation 3D-scanned human material -"fallen angels" > reverse engeneering >3D-printed (positive) >  silicone mold /mal (negative) > cast in wax
research on project:      "Ask me how I feel"  (art installation 2022 Mariupol/Donetsk/Ukraine - completed!)
                                                                                  > see projects > "Ask me how I feel"
completed april 2022...
research on project:      "008734" (2022 restored art installation from °1996)
to be completed very soon...
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